Per President Gabel's email on March 16th, all events of 50 people or larger have been canceled. We are waiving all cancellation fees for any events taking place now through May 13. We are happy to work with you to find an alternative date, if possible. Our Reservations staff is available via email. If you have any questions/concerns or to make a reservation for space post-May 13, please contact [email protected] for Coffman Memorial Union events, [email protected] for St. Paul Student Center events and [email protected] for any Outdoor events. 

5K Events

Hosting 5K Run/Walk events are a popular way of building community and raising funds on campus. Obtaining a permit for a 5K event is similar to getting a standard outdoor event permit, but additional application materials are required.

  • An event diagram. When you select "5K Route - Standard" as your location, this represents the standard on-campus 5K route and includes a number of spaces, including Coffman Front Plaza, Northrop Plaza, and the Washington Avenue Bridge.
    • Provide a detailed setup diagram of your start/stopping point. Most groups use Coffman Front Plaza as their start/stopping point.
      • Note that Coffman Union does not open until noon on Sundays.
    • Mark any water and/or snack stations along the route.
  • A Food Permit If your 5K will have food that is *not* prepackaged, complete and submit a food permit.
  • A Sales and Fundraising Permit if your student group is using the event to raise funds.
  • A Release/Waiver for all participants to sign beforehand. You can base the language your waiver form on this sample waiver.
    • Your waiver must name your student group’s name, "Regents of the University of Minnesota", and others involved with the planning and organization of your event as protected against any claims made by a participant.
    • Campus Life Programs and/or University Departments are not obligated to have participants sign a waiver, but they are encouraged to do so as a way to formally communicate the inherent risks involved with participation.
  • Proof of Insurance as documented by a Certificate of Insurance (COI), is required for all 5K events on campus.
    • K&K Insurance or sanctioning by USA Track and Field are commonly used options for obtaining coverage.
    • Ensure that "Regents of the University of Minnesota" is listed as additionally insured on your COI.
    • Campus Life Programs and/or University Departments are not required to obtain insurance for athletic events or 'fun runs'.

Email these materials to [email protected] and we will compile them into a completed permit application to be reviewed by relevant campus partners, including Landcare, Parking and Transportation Services, UMPD, and others. Occasionally, partners will have questions about the details of your event that must be addressed before we can issue an approved permit. If that happens, we'll contact you and help find a solution.

Since 5Ks require more details than a simpler reservation, permit applications are required to be submitted 20 business days before the event.​​​​​​​

-      Standard 5k Map

-      Fully-Accessible 5k map – 3 laps

-      5K Waiver Form Example

-      5K Certificate of Insurance (COI) Example

Best Practices

-      Many 5K events start on Coffman Plaza. Building hours vary on weekends, so if you plan on using the student union facilities or equipment, check to ensure that your event happens when Coffman is open. Coffman Building Hours

-      Campus Life Programs and/or University Departments are not required to obtain insurance for athletic events or 'fun runs', but waivers are encouraged to be used as a best practice.

-      The Outdoor Space policy states that “5K runs must be reserved at least twenty U of M business days in advance of the event.” In practice, however, weekends fill up quickly with 5K events, so it’s best to complete an application as soon as you determine what day your wish to have your event, up to a year in advance.

-      There is only one pre-approved 5K route on campus. However, this route is not accessible to those with limited mobility. If you wish to have a fully-accessible route, contact us for suggestions.